Taking on The E-Commerce World

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So you’re planning to take on the E-Commerce world to launch your business online. This might make you believe you need to learn a completely new set of business rules due to this business being online. In actuality this is not the case, think about the following things; you still are going to have a shop window, but now it’s called your website. Customers are still going to need to come to your store, to purchase your goods or services. Really the only big difference between the brick and mortar store and your online E-Commerce store is that, a brick and mortar store only has its small local audience where as your online store can advertise to the entire world.

Many brick and mortar stores have now even turned to the E-Commerce world to take their products global. One company type that will find a hurdle to overcome in the online world is the company who sells a physical and tangible product. When going from a physical store front to online shipments, this type of company has to keep in mind the cost of shipping their actual product, and therefor needs to focus their online audience to a type that keeps this in mind. Another thing to keep in mind is if the product you are selling is even suited for the worldwide market.

Do you sell a food specific product, or a alcoholic beverage, then you obviously would not want to market your website to areas in the world that for one reason or another (whether it be for religious reasons, or cultural ones) has zero use for your product types. Is your product type a larger size or a heavier product, then the next topic you will have to include will be cost of shipping this product to the consumer and if this cost is passed on to them. These are two things that will have to be included in your marketing plan.

A much quicker and easier option is to sell services online, over selling an actual physical product. This allows you to not have to factor in things such as shipping cost, or areas to sell. One of the main factors with selling a service online is just the actual cost for you to recreate this service for the customer and then price accordingly. Is this service something you need to have an actual staff to help with customer support? Is this service something you could find an outside source to work with the customer? If so how much would this cost you, and how much would it affect the cost of the product?

Again these are just different things to think about when it comes to jumping into the world of e-commerce and variables which will lead to your success.

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