10 Stages of Starting a Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping warehouseWhile it doesn’t take a lot of money to start an e-commerce website using a drop shipment supplier, you will need to put in the work before you make the first sale. First finding the right product to sell can be tough enough. Next, you have find the right supplier to which offers this product. After finding this supplier the step is speaking with the supplier and selling why they would partner with you. This can become the most difficult step when starting a drop shipping business. This is where we at ADM E-Commerce come in. We have already formed wonderful relationships with top drop shipment companies, and formed the software to integrate these top companies quickly and easily into your back office area.

Drop shipping businesses typically have 10 stages, which you will see just the outline for these steps below. One great reason for learning more about ADM E-Commerce and the services we offer is the way we have mastered all of these steps below and took a ton of the work out of the process for you already.

  • Choose a Niche
  • Identify Your Competition
  • Identify Your Suppliers
  • Create Your Drop Ship Store
  • Develop a Plan for Traffic
  • Register Your Business
  • Get Approved with Suppliers
  • Generate Traffic
  • Analyze & Optimize
  • Repeat!

1. Choose a Niche – All great e-commerce websites have one thing in common. They scaled their product line down to one type and mastered the way to promote it. Offering a ton of products all at once puts you into competition with companies such as Amazon.com and Jet.com. Believe me you do not want to start a business model of trying to compete there.

2. Identify Your Competition – Now that you have a product line in mind, it’s time to find out the other players offering these types of products. See how user friendly their sites are or are not, their prices, and different sales their running. Take Notes!!

3. Identify Your Suppliers – Here we did this step for you. Speak with our customer support to show you how.

4. Create Your Drop Ship Store – Again our proprietary software does this for you, and makes it extremely user-friendly.

5. Develop a Plan for Traffic – You will find all the tools you need working with our customer support and the different plans already laid out for you in the back office area.

6. Register Your Business – This step can become a little overwhelming as the paperwork begins. To take your business to the next level in being a legitimate business, you will want to create all of the wonderful tax beneficial corporations or LLC’s you need. Once this is done you will want to brand your company and find the right domain name to turn this software loose on. Again we can do this for you or help you through the steps.

7. Get Approved with Suppliers – We have finalized this step already for you with our software on the top brands out there in the drop shipment world.

8. Generate Traffic – This is where you implement your finished step 5, now that you have your company branded and online.

9. Analyze & optimize – Gather reporting on the work you have completed and find out which worked and what did not. Believe me this is the fun part as you get to see all of your hard work start to generate feedback.

10. Plan for the future – Now that you have hopefully seen what has worked and what has not worked, you have formulate your plan for the future of your company.

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